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Fujian Yong'an Zhiyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd. was formerly known as "Yongan Forestry (Group) Co., Ltd. Forestry Product Chemical Factory", which was founded in 1954. In 2007, our company was restructured and established with a registered capital of CNY 10 million. Now, we are a high-tech enterprise in biochemical and forestry chemical industry.

According to the development plan of "Southern Business and North Industry" proposed by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government and based on such strategic goal of becoming stronger and bigger, our company moved to the Shuidong Industrial Park of Gongchuan Town of Yong'an City in Fujian Province in April 2009, with an area of ??39,893 square meters; at present, we are a manufacturer of natural flavors, which are the extremely important food additives in the food industry.

Fujian Yong'an Zhiyuan Biochemical Co.,Ltd.

There are 45 employees; under the supports of 16 managers and technicians, we have strong technical force and powerful capabilities of research and development, and have obtained a number of invention patents successfully. We became a technology enterprise of Fujian province and a national high-tech enterprise in 2017.

Equipped with a 30 t/a of vanillin production line, we annually can produce more than CNY 20 million of products, and all our products are exported to the markets of the EU and USA. Our company has obtained the US KOSHER certification in the Asian region and has certificated to the quality management system. Moreover, we also got the title of "Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Unit" in Yongan City and Sanming City for several times, and were awarded as the "Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Unit" by Fujian Province.

All our products are exported to the markets of the EU and USA, and obtained the US KOSHER certification successfully. As the inventor of this process method of this product, we applied and obtained the invention patent of this method in China. At the same time, our products won the title of "key new product of Fujian Province in 2002", the "Third prize of the outstanding new product of Fujian Province in 2003", and the "Third prize of the Science and Technology of Fujian Province in 2003" and many other provincial awards. Now, ou products are well sold in Japan and USA.

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